The Use of the “Energy Rating” … It can help turn you into a Winner at Thoroughbred Race Tracks

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Speed ratings, time off between races, breeding, connections, size and weight – are all factors that horse race players – like you – use to handicap a race and uncover a winner. And, while all of that information is helpful, there is still more you need to know if you hope to win more often than you do now. You need to know how to figure out a horse’s “energy rating” … information that will tell you if a horse is in shape and ready to run a big race.

Energy Ratings can help you Uncover “Golden Nuggets” … Long Shots that are ready to Win

Standard handicapping techniques, whether used by you or employed by a professional handicapper, tend to lead you in the direction of the “Morning Line Favorite,” a horse that is likely to go off at short odds. The “Morning Line Favorite” is the horse picked by the track handicapper, a man (or woman) that is paid to help you make winning bets. But Morning Line Favorites lose their fair share of races … actually, they lose many races.

Long Shot Winners can put Lots of Cash in your Pocket … Every time you Visit a Race Track.

You can – and will – place bets on horses that go off at long odds once you know how to uncover a horse’s “energy rating.” This little bit of extremely relevant information will separate you from the great mass of thoroughbred horse race players and enable you to fill your pockets with cash … perhaps not on every trip to a thoroughbred race track, but frequently enough to put a smile on your face.

Energy Ratings are not a Radical Handicapping Idea … just a Very Smart Way of Finding Winners.

Face facts. If you opt to continue with your old “tried and true” handicapping methods, you will spend some time at the window cashing tickets … often at very short odds. If, however, you are willing to learn a new, improved handicapping technique – “energy ratings,” you will spend even more time at the windows of your favorite thoroughbred race track … cashing big winning tickets.

Remember: “Energy Ratings” help you Locate the Horse that is in Shape, Fit and Ready to Run.

Not all thoroughbred race horses are in shape for every race in which they are entered. If you can find those “unfit” horses and eliminate them, you increase your chances of winning. Use the “Energy Rating” system to locate the best horses in every race. You will win races much more frequently.

Here is a Way to get more Valuable Information.

Go to This site, which exists to help advanced players like you, provides lots of fresh content frequently – information and tips on thoroughbred horse racing that can improve your handicapping skills.

Enjoy the race, but bet to win,

George Periwinkle

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The Life Of A Horse – B. B. Best

ESPN wrote an interesting article- Retirement suits B. B. Best just fine. This article covers the racing and the retired life of the horse. I thought it was an interesting read and worth checking out. It is always nice to read about the horse’s life and retirement. As horse race handicappers we spend so much time analyzing the horse on and before race day, but rarely do we step back and enjoy the magnificence of the sport and of the wonderful animals that compete in it.

Here is a link to the full article:

Enjoy the race, but bet to win,

George Periwinkle



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How To Read A Racing Program So That You Win Consistently

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 Thoroughbred Horse Racing over the last 40-50 years has developed a “hard core” group of fans. Perhaps that includes you. As a longtime fan of “the ponies,” you probably believe that you know all that is necessary about “reading form” in a program and picking winners. And there is no doubt that you are quite knowledgeable. However, is it possible that you can learn even more? The answer is yes.

If you just look for “the Speed” in a Horse’s Past Performance Lines, you are overlooking lots of Valuable Information.

That is the truth. How do I know? I also enjoy wagering on thoroughbred racehorses. In addition, over the years, I have read many books about “reading form,” done lots of studying at various race tracks, as well … talked to lots of “skilled” players … and discovered that most people know how to “read some of the form.” Speed matters … but several other factors are almost as important.

Success at the Race Track is Dependent on your Ability to understand and Use all of the Factors in a Race Program.

The first and most important factor you need to use to judge a thoroughbred race horse’s ability to win is its Speed Rating … but you already know that. However, in order to excel at reading the program and then cashing winning tickets, you have to be able to take advantage of the other information available to you in the program. You should take into consideration– the horse’s age … its sex … the track, track condition and any existing variances in the track – on that day … time off between races …owner, trainer and, of course, jockey.

Use all of Those Factors in an Intelligent Manner … and you are going to win.

Now, you may already know how to read – and use – some of the race factors I have mentioned. If so, that is good … and helpful to you. However, to be a consistent winner, even a “big money winner,” you need to know how to use all of the factors mentioned here … because, when “lumped together: and understood, they arm you with the kind of knowledge that can make you as good as a professional handicapper.

Yes … Based on your Experience and Years as a Fan, you can – and should – Win Lots and Lots of Races.

There is absolutely no reason why, after doing something you love for years and years, you should not be really good at doing it. In addition, if you follow the advice offered here, you will improve as a thoroughbred horse racing handicapper and you will win … more often than you do now. Try it – by using all of the information available – and see for yourself.

Enjoy the race, but bet to win,

George Periwinkle

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How Do You Handicap?

A recent post on the blog for The Horse Players Association asks how you handicap. I thought this was a very interesting question. We all think about how technology affects our daily life, from how we get the news to how we contact friends and family, but it is interesting to think about all the ways that technology has affected the life of a horse handicapper. I look forward to any future surveys they do on the topic! The link to the blog post is:

Enjoy the race, but bet to win,

George Periwinkle

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How to Distinguish Between a Good Betting Race and a Bad Betting Race

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I am a fan of thoroughbred horse racing – like you – and for years (actually lots and lots of years) I believed that every race was worth a wager. That “thinking” often had me going home with my pockets empty or, at least, nearly empty. It never occurred to me that I had losing days because I was wagering on “bad races.” But, in time, I figured it out. There are races in which every horse figures to lose.

Good Races Feature Horses that are True Favorites and other Horses that also have a Very Strong Chance to Win.

If you are a knowledgeable handicapper, you know how to look at a Racing Program, digest, and process the information it contains. And, if you can do that, you should be able to determine if any of the horses entered in the race actually are strong contenders with a legitimate chance to win. If you can answer “yes,” you can invest money in that race. You need to find from one to four strong contenders to make a race viable … and worthy of a wager.

Bad Races Feature Horses that for a Variety of Reasons, including Time Off and Lack of Fitness are Unlikely to Win.

Naturally, even in a bad race, one of the entered horses will cross the finish line first because someone has to win. But, because it is a “bad race” with poorly conditioned horses or horses that are past their prime or horses that are simply averse to winning (Yes, many horses prefer to follow instead of lead), you are likely to have a difficult time finding the best horse. And if that is true, you are more likely to lose than win. So … why bet?

Handicap Races Thoroughly … Wager Wisely … and Increase your Chances of Winning.

If you stick to the good races and eliminate the bad races, you have a very good chance of winning with regularity. The truth is that if you “throw out” the bad races, you will be able to uncover the “real” leading candidates in the good races … and you will find yourself cashing winning tickets.

Want Even More Help … Take this Next Step Today.

There is a website for advanced players like you that is filled with valuable information, tips and insights into the world of thoroughbred horseracing. It is called and it can help you improve your handicapping and wagering skills. It will even instruct you on the fine points of “distinguishing good races from bad races.” Join countless other advanced players and visit today … because you are never too experienced to learn.

Enjoy the race, but bet to win,

George Periwinkle

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